Lighthouse Dental of South Florida
542 N US Highway 1
Tequesta, FL 33469
(561) 745-1174

Services Provided in Our Office:


*Same day dentistry                                                  *Periodontal treatments

*Cosmetic dentistry                                                   *Dental implants

*Restorative dentistry                                                *Osseous surgery

*Oral hygiene treatments                                           *Gum disease treatments

*Deep cleanings w/Arestin placements                      *"Teeth in a Day"

*Dental checkups                                                       *Endodontic treatments

*Teeth whitening services                                          *Custom created dentures

*Bite adjustments                                                       *Over-dentures

*Crowns                                                                      *Veneers

*Bridges                                                                     *EMAX crowns

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